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The Geological Society of the Philippines (GSP) is the only accredited professional organization (APO) of geologists in the Philippines by the Professional Regulation Commission.


The objectives of the Society are:


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2018 Mid-Year Message
From the Board of Trustees

Dear Fellow Members,

The Geological Society of the Philippines for the year 2018 is now halfway to a transition to put into effect the amended By-Laws of the Society approved in the GEOCON 2017. During this year the Board of Trustees have identified key activities and programs to keep the organization prepared for the future. These activities are as follows:


Transition to Elect Trustees for Three (3) Year Term of Office


As part of the transition, we will now have trustees to elect for a three (3) year term of office and to serve the Society. On GEOCON 2018, the members will elect nine (9) Trustees. The first 3 candidates getting the highest votes will serve 3 full years term, the next 3 candidates to serve for 2 years and the last 3 will serve for 1 year. Thus, starting GEOCON 2019, we shall only be electing 3 Trustees every year to replace those that have served their term of service. We are hopefulthat we will get interest from members to serve the Society to attain its goals as an organization. The Comelec headed by Ms. Mia Urbano-Africa has been tasked to provide the guidelines and procedure for the nomination and election process. Part of the process is to have all candidates attend a strategic workshop to learn all the activities of the Society and its Committees.


Our Society’s Rules and Guidelines to be Posted at


The current officers and member volunteers have committed their time and resources to deliver their committed projects before or even after their tour of service this 2018. With their efforts, the Society by the end of 2018 will hopefully have all rules and guidelines of all committees in place and in effect. These rules and guidelines will be readily accessible through the website Members are encouraged to visit the website regularly and communicate with the Board of Trustees and Committee Chairs as often as possible. The Website will be administered by Mr. Jeck Benavidez.


The Society welcomes comments and suggestions on how we could improve our webpage and how we could further make it functional to our members use.


Members encouraged to Update Records at


The Membership Committee with Mr. Jun Angeles as head has embarked in the completion and updating of our Members’ records. Members are encouraged to fill up the forms available at the website. A complete Member’s record would streamline all our Society’s programs. Included are: Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Competent Persons (CP), Conferences and Seminars Registration, Payments and Fund Raisings and many more.


GSP to be accredited as CPD Provider


We are now moving to have our Society accredited as a CPD Provider by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).  Mr. Raymundo “Dodo” Savella volunteered to develop a CPD program for accreditation and will be in discussion with other CPD providers for joint undertakings. Foreign CPD programs are also being considered for inclusion via our Society if feasible. The CPD Committee would welcome members with concept and ideas for our Society’s CPD plans and programs.


GEOCON 2018 at Manila Hotel, GSP to be GEOSEA Secretariat and host to GEOSEA XVI in 2020


Preparations for the GEOCON 2018 and the GEOSEA 2020 are ongoing.  DOST Undersecretary and concurrent Phivolcs Director Dr. Renato Solidum accepted to be Chair for both the Conferences. In GEOCON 2018 he is joined by our former Chairperson of GEOCON 2017, Ms. Dempta Baluda. The team recommended to hold the GEOCON 2018 in Manila Hotel on December 11 to 12, 2018 and projected at least 600 delegates attending. Members are requested to visit the website for details. As for the GEOSEA 2020, our Society accepted the invitation to work as the GEOSEA Secretariat for 2018 to 2020. This would be a challenge to the future Trustees  that we will elect in 2018 and 2019  who would oversee - the joint hosting of GEOSEA XVI and GEOCON 2020 which will be international in scope involving all the geological societies of the ASEAN countries.


Finance Committees to Reduce Cost and Increase Fund of Our Society


The Finance Committee with Dr. Vic Maglambayan is studying ways and means to bring in more revenues to the Society to support the upcoming activities and reduce operational cost.  The committee has recommended an increase in our membership dues and implemented cost cutting measures in the General and Administrative costs. To date, our Society has made substantial reductions in cost of meetings and also in office supplies cost. The Finance Committee will be at the forefront in our Society’s effort to bring in more sponsors to its program.


CPAC and Ethic Committees Business as Usual


The Competent Persons Accreditation Committee (CPAC) continues with the accreditation program of our Society. Mr. George Baquiran as the CPAC Chair continues to bring in more qualified members in the CP Roster. At present our Society has 42 CP members and is still increasing. There are also some positive developments initiated by the CP-Geologists to work with the CP-Mining Engineers and CP-Metallurgial Engineers with respect to joint implementation the Philippine Mineral Reporting Code (PMRC) 2007 under the auspices of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) .


The Ethics Committee chaired by Mr. Joel Muyco has now implemented Board Resolution No. 2011-0 and the Amended By-Laws on the rules and guidelines of the Ethics Committee. The Committee’s commitment to execute its mandate is foremost in its activities. Rules and guidelines are to be updated and improved as conditions changes. Members are asked to keep abreast on the guidelines at


Other Activities to keep our Society on Track of its Commitments


Our other Committees are working towards completion of their rules and guidelines. The Awards and Nominations Committee under Ms. Marissa Cerezo started the PRC Geologist of the Year (2019) search. Nominations and Guidelines are already in the web page. Members are enjoined to nominate colleagues qualified for this prestigious award. The Publication Committee with Dr. Allan Fernando is also accepting scientific papers for inclusion to the Journal of the Geological Society of the Philippines (JGSP). Members are encouraged to submit their scientific researches and papers to the editor and publication head. The Board of Trustees has also met with the Head of the National Committee of Geological Sciences (NCGS), Mines Geoscience Bureau (MGB) Acting Director Wilfredo G. Moncano. Our Society has informed the Acting Director of the country’s turn to organize the GEOSEA XVI in Manila on December of 2020. We requested the revitalization of the NCGS under the current MGB administration and its  support and participation in this international commitment.


Keeping the Momentum


Your Board of Trustees recognizes the short period available for the commitments  completed during this transition period. The challenge would be for a cooperative effort between the Trustees, officers and the members to meet these commitments. Our Society has been very fortunate that its members show understanding and full support to all the programs and commitments. Past Trustees and officers and more so the volunteers have provided the stability in our Society. The momentum that has been created should translate to a completion of our plans and programs.


Let us continue this and work for a better Geological Society of the Philippines.


From the 2018 Board of Trustees



Board of Trustees



Abet Morillo, Lara Mambuay, Toto Bacolcol



Dodo Savella, Joel Muyco, Jun Angeles



Carla Dimalanta, Vic Maglambayan, Noellyna Ramos, Ronnie Penarroyo





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